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Expertly Sanitized Pre-Owned

​In an era of global awareness of germs, bacteria, and viruses, there is no better opportunity to shelter gross in the service department and give used car prospects a “peace of mind” in the shopping process than providing a clean, sanitized vehicle.

The interconnectedness of people, products, and services will always expose humans to harmful contagions that are not visible to the naked eye.  That danger is more evident in a purchased auction car, a purchased rental lease return, or a simple traded unit, where germs are everywhere. A professionally displayed and sanitized car could be the first line of defense.

The Right Hedge

Uncertainty has always been part of the human and business experience.

One thing is certain: As long as there are humans, animals, and vehicles, there will always be germs, bacteria, and viruses, some potentially harmful, inside these small spaces. Because sanitizing cars is all we do, we know the science, the process, and opportunities that used car retailers and car washes are missing daily in serving clients and growing your business.

Our twenty-first century approach and years of experience sanitizing vehicles will provide your team with real-world, environmentally-safe, and profitable solutions to the opportunity.


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A New Service

Proper vehicle sanitation is more complex than spraying a disinfectant solution in a closed space like an automobile. We think a non-chemical outcome is a much preferred outcome for most consumers.

Our Expertly Sanitized business model is derived from years of actual doing, on thousands of vehicles through our The Odor Doctors platform. If an unpleasant condition ever existed in a vehicle, we’ve seen it.

Due to our business experience as former franchise dealers, we understand your business goals and aspirations. Recalibrating your offerings in the service drive to accommodate future service opportunities will be key to your growth and success.

Find out how our solutions lift revenue in multiple departments.

Sanitizing Spaces

​While sanitizing vehicles is the right thing to do, more people sit and work in open spaces inside your facility.

From employees to clients to vendors, many people traffic through your facilities and owners must be mindful of the corresponding risk of going too far.

There is a balance.

While not perfect, we do get it right a large percentage of the time. Our holistic approach to sanitizing space comes with years of practical applications and experience.

We are available to do walk-around audits of all your spaces inside of cars and in your facilities to provide professional and reasonable solutions to general sanitizing.

Right From The Beginning

​Thirty years ago, the automobile industry moved from internal detail operation to a contracted outside vendor model for various business reasons. We don’t debate the merits of the decision making at the time but times do change.

Existing technologies, customer expectations, quality control, service drive opportunities, and business risk may require ownership to re-examine this decision.

The Power Of Steam

Besides the environmental benefits, the right degree of steam is transformative in cleaning spaces and things. There is steam at 212 degrees and there is Super Steam. Super Steam is generally dry, saturated, or pressurized and exceeds 340 degrees on contact.

While we do sell chemicals, we think the preferred solution to cleaning is the correct balance of dry saturated steam and some chemicals.

The greatest benefit to steam for a business is the drastic reduction of labor cost and the associated reduction of physical stress on your workers. Our sister company, can provide a complete understanding of the cost/benefit, worker safety, and sanitizing outcomes.

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